ASB Auckland Marathon / Half-Marathon / 12k / 5k - Training Group

This Training Group is open to anyone but is being run on behalf of Auckland Joggers.  To participate in the training group you will need to be a member of Auckland Joggers - this will allow you to use the Club facilities and join in with Pack Runs which will form part of the training plan.  Temporary memberships available - see below.  If you unable to or do not wish to include the pack runs then alternative sessions will be provided (see below for example weekly structure).


 Plan Start  Monday 10th July 2017
 Duration  16 weeks
 Race date  Sunday 29th October 2017
 Race  ASB Auckland Marathon
 Race distances  Marathon
 Half Marathon
 Group size  Minimum 8 people for 16 weeks
 Participants  No restrictions - open to anyone of any ability
 Cost  $20 - individual setup meeting (optional)
 - total for 
full 16 weeks 
 $112 - Members
 $142 - Non-Members
 (includes $30 Auckland Joggers Club temporary membership)
 Early Bird - sign up before 2nd July **Saving $32**
 - includes Individual setup meeting + 16 weeks plan
 $100 - Members
 $130 - Non-Members (includes $30 Auckland Joggers Club temporary membership)

 $30 - 
 Auckland Joggers temporary membership for duration of training plan
 (if you decide to become a full Club member the membership fee will be discounted by $30)
Signups close

You can join the group any time up to 8 weeks before the event date - so before Sunday 3rd September

 Coach feedback  Initial plan is to hold feedback sessions on Tuesday's 19:20-19:40 at Auckland Joggers Clubrooms, Puiri Drive.
 The format of these sessions will be adapted to suit the group.
 Other options are: Skype Group Calls, Google Hangouts, Facebook Live or pre-recorded videos.

Auckland Joggers Clubhouse


Example Weekly Structure

 Day  Example Week A  Example Week B
 Monday  Strength & Conditioning (Joggers Pilates)  Strength & Conditioning (Joggers Pilates)
 Tuesday  Joggers Pack run / Easy run  Joggers Pack pun / Easy run
 Wednesday  Q1 - Quality Training Run  Easy run
 Thursday  Joggers Pack run - Easy run  Q1 - Quality Training Run
 Friday  Rest  Rest
 Saturday  Q2 - Quality training run  Easy run
 Sunday  Easy run  Q2 - Quality training run