Cadence Sport Bike Fit

If you are based in the UK and require a bike fit then Adrian is the man to see.

I recommend that all athletes before starting any training plan which involves cycling, or after getting a new bike, have a professional bike fit.
Human Kinetics
Human Kinetics

Human Kinetics is a publisher specializing in the physical activity field. Their publications include textbooks and their ancillaries, consumer books and academic journals, online courses, software, and audio-visual products. They are intended for a range of audiences, including college students and professors, personal trainers, rehabilitation specialists, athletes, coaches, physical educators, and nutritionists.

An increasing proportion of my coaching library consists of publications from Human Kinetics and in many cases are recommend reading for athletes on a training plan.  Their publications are available through all good booksellers but buying direct has the added benefit if you purchase a hard copy of the book you generally get the e-book for free.

Road ID
Road ID

You are out on a ride or a run and what happens if you have an accident? Do you carry any ID with you?  What happens if you need medical treatment and you have known allergies?  How do people know who your emergency contact details are?

Road ID is a simple identification tag that can be worn whilst you are training or racing.  The Original ID allows you to personalise the text on the tag to provide the appropriate information should you have an accident.  The Interactive ID (which is what I use) provides details of how to access your profile (via phone or web) which contains your contact details, medical information, emergency contact info.

Although based in the USA the service is excellent and I would highly recommend all athletes carry one.

Swim Smooth Swim Smooth

Their are many methodologies for teaching and coaching front crawl but the biggest improvements both as an athlete and a coach where when I embraced the Swim Smooth methodology.

The Swim Smooth approach provides simple practical steps to improving your stroke and they have a wide range of resources for both athletes and coaches to utilise.  A fundamental principle of the Swim Smooth approach is there is no one size fits all - their system accommodates the individuality of each athlete and also the swimming environment - pool or open water (with or without a wetsuit).

Based on years of coaching and video analysis everything Swim Smooth do is driven by understanding how real people swim and what is they need to do to improve their swimming.