Training Commandments

Each day ideally we would complete our training as defined but sometimes that is not possible.  This list is designed to help you make a decision about how to manage your training.

  1. If you are feeling whipped, take a rest day
  2. If you are feeling tired before you start a session use it for skill and technique work or a recovery session (HR-Z1)
  3. Always choose quality over quantity
  4. If you are failing to hit target intensity then cease that specific workout and switch it to a recovery session or stop and rest and be ready for the next session.
  5. Try and finish the session wanting more
  6. Work on your limiters not your weaknesses
  7. Sleep is more valuable than training so don’t drag your self out of bed just to do a training session
  8. Your fitness increases when you are resting/sleeping not when training 
  9. No anaerobic endurance or high intensity sessions unless specified
  10. Choose training partners wisely – you need to stay in Zone and not get carried away with others
  11. If you are suffering from a cold and it is:
    • BELOW the NECK then REST
    • ABOVE the NECK a RECOVERY session may help
    • If in doubt then REST
  12. After a period of illness do not try and make up for lost training but completing a high volume or high intensity session.  Return to light training first, if you put stress on an already weakened immune system you are more likely to get sick again.