The TrainerRoad website is very good at explaining how it works and what equipment you require.  This page is an overview of that information with some additional notes.
Getting Started
Visit this page for the guide to what you need to start using TrainerRoad
To use TrainerRoad you will require the following equipment:
  • Compatible Trainer or Smart Trainer
  • PC, Mac or iOS device with:
    • TrainerRoad App installed
    • Ant+ and/or Bluetooth Smart connectivity
  • Sensors
    • Heart Rate Monitor
    • Cadence Sensor
    • Speed Sensor
  • Power meter (optional)

Trainer or Smart Trainer
If you already have a Trainer you can check its compatibility with TrainerRoad here –

If you require a new Trainer then a great resource to understand the different types of Trainers available and for a good recommendation visit –
  • Some of the Trainers do not require additional sensors – they already have them built in
  • If the budget allows I would recommend a Smart Trainer that can control resistance
  • If buying a new Trainer and you don’t already have one ensure that the Trainer comes with a front wheel riser
If your PC, Mac or iOS device doesn’t have Ant+ or Bluetooth Smart built in you will require an adaptor
  • Garmin devices and sensors use Ant+
  • Some of the older Garmin devices came with a USB ANT+ Stick e.g. Forerunner 310xt and Forerunner 910xt which can be used to link to TrainerRoad

Options for Ant+ USB Dongle/Stick

Mini size
At RRP the Garmin stick is expensive and generally the the Suunto stick is cheaper but there are less stockists for this product.  Both products can be found on eBay or Amazon at discounted prices.  
Standard size
          • Generic USB Ant Stick – goto and search for USB ANT STICK
          • These are larger than the Garmin USB ANT Stick but at a fraction of the cost and do exactly the same job.

Some Trainers already have the sensors built in otherwise you will need to have a speed, cadence or combined sensor.  The best one to get is one that is compatible with your GPS device and get the appropriate adaptor to make it compatible with TrainerRoad.

Go to the Garmin website – and locate the product page for your device and click on the ACCESSORIES tab – check which of the following speed/cadence sesnors are compatible with your Garmin device.
  • Garmin GSC-10 Speed/Cadence Sensor –
  •  Garmin Bike Speed Sensor and Cadence Sensor (can be bought separetly) –
    • These sensors are recommended if you will need to swap the sensors between bikes.
Alternatively you can use a different manufactirer’s sensor as long as it is ANT+.  To check compatibility locate your device and required sensor type on this site –

Bluetooth Smart
If you do not have a Garmin product and/or require a Bluetooth Smart sensor then visit your device manufacturer’s website or have a look at this site for all Bluetooth Smart sensors (this site is not as user friendly as the ANT+ directory) –

Syncing with TrainingPeaks
The easiest way to sync your ride data from TrainerRoad to TrainingPeaks is to use RideSync.  This is also the best way to transfer your data to TrainingPeaks as it also syncs the interval data as laps.
The first few times you use TrainerRoad it is suggested that you also the capture the ride data on your GPS device until you are sure that everything is working correctly. 
  • Remember to turn off the GPS receiver on your device when riding indoors
  • Your sensors can be paired with your device and TrainerRoad at the same time
  • If your GPS device is able to capture data from a power meter you can use DeviceRelay within TrainerRoad to transmit your VirtualPower to your device.
  • If you have captured your workout on your device is it is likely that two copies of the same workout will sync to TrainingPeaks - one from TrainerRoad and one from the device - don't worry I will delete the unwanted data.
Coach AndyT Workouts
With TrainerRoad I have created a private team -

If you are on a Coaching Package that includes workouts using TrainerRoad you should receive and invite to this team and the custom workouts.  Once you have accepted the invite you will need to ensure your Privacy Settings are updated so I can access your workout data from with TrainerRoad (sometimes easier to analyse a session from within TrainerRoad than TrainingPeaks).