Run-Walk Strategy

Your aim in any race is to cross the finishing line in the fastest time possible.  At many long distance events, running or triathlon, you see people walking towards the end of the race when they want to be running.  The most common reason for this is they have pushed too hard in the early stages and have either: run out of energy; or created too much fatigue in their muscles.

A strategy that I have used successfully with many of my athletes who have competed in half-marathons, marathons, half-ironman and ironman distance events is the run-walk strategy.

This page collates some useful resources to explain how this strategy works and the benefits it can provide.

Jeff Galloway is a coach that has pioneered the use of the run-walk strategy and has ultimately developed the Galloway Run Walk Run training system.

  • Interview: listen to the end of Part I and the beginning of Part II of this interview by Tom Williams of Marathon Talk with Jeff Galloway
  • Interview: for an athlete's perspective on the run-walk strategy here is an interview with Mitch Phillips who successfully employed the run-walk strategy to go sub 3hrs in the marathon.

Bobby McGee is a world class running and triathlon coach here are couple of articles with his views on the run-walk strategy:

 Other articles: