Targeted Exercises

Specific Exercises
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 Lower Limb Ankle Dorsiflexion Mike Reinold Ankle Mobility Exercises to Improve Dorsiflexion 
 LPHC Anterior Pelvic Tilt  The Cross Fit ChiroPractors Corrective Strategies For Anterior Tilt (Part 1) -Dr. Michael Nelson – D.C.

Corrective Strategies For Anterior Tilt (Part 2) -Dr. Michael Nelson – D.C.
 LPHC Hip Extension  Kinetic Revolution Running its all in the Hips
  Hip Flexion Kinetic Revolution Step Up With Hip Flexion 
 HipRick KaseljBest Hip Pain Relief Exercises
 Hip FlexorShane NiemeyerHip Flexor Mobilisation
 Upper Leg Glute Workout London Running PT Glute Workout For Runners
  Hill Running  London Running PT Hill Running – Functional Strength Training For Runners 
  Glute Activation Kinetic Revolution Glute Activation - Glute Bridge with Band
  Glute Activation Kinetic Revolution Glute Activation - Single Leg Squat with Band
  Glute Workout Kinetic Revolution 10min Glute Workout (Reverse Extensions, Single Leg Hip Thrusts & Single Leg Deadlift
  Piriformis NASM Piriformis syndrome: it’s a pain in the butt, and hip, and leg…
  Glutes Kinetic Revolution Prone Lying Glute Pull-Out 
 Knee & Hip FlexionKinetic RevolutionStair Running
CoreSide PlankKinetic RevolutionSide Plank
Lower BackLower Back Kinetic RevolutionLower Back Stretches to Relieve Back Pain

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 Kinetic Revoultion 30 Day ChallengeKinetic Revolution Sign up for 30 day challenge - click here

 Then use this summary as an accompanying guide

 Ultimate Guide to Strength Training for Marathon RunnersKinetic Revolution See PDF - click here
 7 Hip and Core Exerceise for Endurance Athletes Shane Niemeyer   1. Hip Extension and Abduction
 2. Side Lying Plank with Roatation
 3. Superman
 4. Single Leg V Up
 5. Alligator Crawl
 6. Plank & Contralateral Limb Raise
 7. Low to High Wood Chop from Half Kneel
 The Importance of Strength Training for Endurance Athletes Taylor Thomas 1. Side Lunges
 2. Bridge
 3. Single Leg Squats
 4. Burpees
 5. Mountain Climbers
 6. Step Ups
 7. Jump Squats
 Core Strength for Athletes: A Workout to Improve Performance and Prevent Injury Shane Niemeyer 1. Lateral Crawl
 2. Squat and Press
 3. Prone med ball toss
 4. Core contract and hold
 5. Walking chest press on cable cross
 6. Torso twist with cable of band
 7. Walking shoulder abduction with press
 8. Bulgarian split squat with rotation
 9. Vertical med ball toss
 10. Suitcase squat
 11. Stir the pot
 Run Specific Exercises to Improve Your Form Carrie Lane Simple Circuit
 1. 90-90 chair breathing
 2. Wall sits with arm slides
 3. Fire hydrants
 4. Straight leg glute bridge
 5. RDL
 6. A-position static hold
 7. Trail leg drill
 8. Step up holding MB overhead
 9. MB low-to-high swings
 10. Prone crunch with alternate shoulder lift
 11. High-to-low standing cable twists
 Run Specific Exercises to Improve Your Form Carrie Lane Complex Circuit
 1. Prone plank with alternate knee-to-elbow
 2. Wall sits with MB raise
 3. Dynamic step ups
 4. Lateral dynamic step ups
 5. Backward skips or backward lunges
 6. MB scoop pass
 7. Rotational step up
 8. Backward skips or lunges holding MB overhead
 9. Landmines
 10. Lunge jumps
 11. Backward skips or lunges holding MB overhead
 12. Wall marches
 13. MB rotational slamdown
 14. Backward skips or backward lunges
 Bodyweight Workout for Runners - 15 Minute Blast Kinetic Revolution 1. Slit Squats
 2. Side Plank Variation
 3. Lunge Matrix
 Strength Training for Runners with Kirk DeWindt C Tolle Run 1. Single Leg Deadlift 3x12
 2. Single Leg Bridge 3x20
 3. Banded Knee Drive 3x30
 4. Lateral Lunges 3x20
 5. Side Plank 3x12
 6. Hip Hikes 3x20
 7. Hanging Leg Raises / Lying Leg Raises 3x?