Race Plan & Review

You will be as fit as you are able to be come race day.  To maximise your performance on race day relies on your ability to plan an effective  race strategy and then execute it.  The tools to help you achieve this is your written race plan.

The race plan should be developed from your training and produced a few weeks in advance of the race.  It then should be refined the closer you get to race day.  It is ultimately a guide for everything you need and everything you must to do achieve your fitness potential on race day.

Once the race is over you are then need to review your race.  You need to look at all aspects of your training, planning and race execution to understand what positively or negatively impacted your race performance.  Such aspects are:

  • Training
  • Taper
  • Race preparation
  • Race plan
  • Race strategy
  • Ability to adapt
  • Equipment
  • Nutrition

This race plan and evaluation then forms the basis for the neck race plan that you write.

Attached is an example of a race plan and race review.

150516 Andy Thornton - Beaver Triathlon Race Plan.docx

150516 Andy Thornton - Beaver Triathlon Review.docx

Remember the review process is a positive one to help you develop as an athlete and improve your race performances.  The review process is NOT a criticism of your performance but a tool to understand what you need to do to attain a higher level of performance the next time you race.

My suggestion is don't try and review the race immediately afterwards - make notes of your thoughts about the race over the following days and then collate them all and generate your race review about 5 days afterwards.  Evaluate what worked, what didn't, what needs changing, what you learnt for all aspects of the process: