TrainingPeaks Subscription

A simplified overview of the coaching process is:
  • Setup
    • Coach and Athlete discuss and agree goals
    • If required baseline testing is conducted
    • Coach creates a periodised training plan
    • Coach and Athlete agree a weekly training structure
  • Ongoing
    • Coach writes specific workouts for each training block (each block is either 3 or 4 weeks)
    • Athlete completes the training
    • Athlete uploads data and provides comments for each workout
    • Coach analyses workouts using data and comments and provides feedback where necessary
    • Coach writes next block of training based on goals, phase of annual training plan and progress of training to date
  • Race Plan
    • In preparation for the Athlete's A-race the Coach will assist the Athlete in writing their race plan


TrainingPeaks is the platform which enables the interaction between Coach and Athlete.

For more information on TrainingPeaks:

The athlete is required to have a Training Peaks Premium account - the Basic (free) account does not have sufficient functionality.

There are two ways in which the athlete can pay for the Premium account:
  • Athletes can purchase their own subscription direct from TrainingPeaks
  • Athletes can pay an additional monthly fee to their Coach
Note: If you let your Premium subscription lapse then your account will revert to a Basic account. You will still be able to use TrainingPeaks and have access to all your historic data but you will not have access to the Premium features:

TrainingPeaks Premium subscription

The subscription can be purchased for different periods - information can be found here:

TrainingPeaks Premium subscription discounts

If you area member of Triathlon England or British Cycling as part of your membership benefits you are provided with a discount to TrainingPeaks

Coach provided Premium account

This can be provided at a flat  fee which condenses the charge to the coach and the impact of fluctuating exchange rates (all TrainingPeaks fees are charged in US Dollars).  Current monthly charge can be found here: Coaching Fees.

Linking to Coach Account

There are several ways to link your athlete account to my coaching account.
  1. If I set up the free basic account for you this will automatically be linked to my Coach account, I will provide the login credentials and you can choose your upgrade path to Premium.
  2. If you subscribe to TrainingPeaks Premium directly you can either:

Cost Comparison

It is preferred if the Athlete takes out their own subscription for a Premium account direct with TrainingPeaks with the annual subscription being the most cost effective.