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Overview - Run Video Analysis & Coaching Session

This session is not designed to radically change your running technique, although over time lots of small incremental changes may lead to what looks like a radical change but it is achieved by process of evolution rather than revolution.

The changes will be achieved by assessing you and your current running gait to identify how through a combination of: concious changes to technique, using cues; and muscle activation, by practising specific drills and exercises, can be used to improve on how you already run.

What to bring
  • Running shoes - wear the shoes you use most for road running.  If you wear a variety of shoes please either bring these along or details of them.
  • Wear a tight fitting top which has a contrasting colour from the bottoms you wear.
  • If the session is outside bring appropriate additional clothing to keep warm.
  • If the session is on the treadmill bring a towel as although the session is not very strenuous you are still likely to get warm
  • Bottle of water
The session will follow something similar to the outline given below:

1. Review of running history and injuries
  • Review of the athlete's running experience, training regime, goals and any injury history.
  • Agree the aim of the session.
2. Warm up - walk / jog

3. Functional Testing / Range of Movement assessment
Some initial testing to assess if there are any areas of weakness or dysfunction.  The actual assessment is tailored to the indivual athlete but is likely to include assessment of:
  • Knee hyper-extension
  • Hip rotation
  • Thomas Test (iliopsoas and rectus femoris length)
  • Knee to wall (weight bearing ankle dorsiflexion)
  • Thoracic extension/rotation
  • Overhead squat
  • Klatt test (hop down test)
  • Running on the spot
Note: some of these test will be performed after instruction and videoed and some of these test will involve gentle movements by your coach - there should be no discomfort encounter during any of the tests.

4. Video Analysis
Video of the athlete running will be taken running at both an easy steady state pace and at a quicker tempo.

Where possible the video will be taken from the front, behind and the side.  If the session takes place on a treadmill this may limit the views.

5. Cues, drills & exercise
After reviewing the videos and test results key areas will be identified and the appropriate cues, drills or exercises will be prescribed to improve running gait.

Post session the athlete will be provided with access to their run videos and access to a centralised repository of resources of cues, drills and techniques.

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