Coaching Package

  Coach Andy T
  Full coach support in all aspects of training
Initial Consultation Questionnaires & 90min Skype/phone conversation
Setup Fee $100
Discounted bike test for HR zone setting Y - $70
Coaching Fees $50 / week
Minimum Period 13 weeks
Season Plan Y
Goal Setting Y
Objective Setting Y
Bespoke Training Plan Y
Update to plan (*1) Every training block
Adjustments to training plan per block unlimited
Specific swim sessions Y
Specific bike sessions Y
Specific run sessions Y
Field Testing Y
Race Plan ReviewY
Pre/Post Race Analysis for A races Y
Pre/Post Race Analysis for B races
(2 max)
Coach contact (Skype or phone call)
- additional Coach contact
Weekly: 1 x 30min
Email/Message Enquiries (target 48hr response) unlimited
Training Peaks support Y
Garmin support Y
Equipment review & support Y
Nutrition support Y
HR Zone setting Y
Run pacing zones and predicted times Y
Bike Power zones (if using a power meter) Y

 For more information on Training Peaks: TrainingPeaks Subscription

 (*1) Training plans are divided into either 3 week blocks (3WB) or 4 week blocks (4WB) dependant on the athlete

PaymentFees are invoiced at the beginning of the month and the preferred method of payment is by bank transfer.

Any additional fees or costs will be agreed in advanced, confirmed via email and added to the next invoice.