Coaching Fees

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 Coaching Packages  Fee  Description

Coach Andy T

$100 setup

Full coach support in all aspects of training

 Coached Sessions  Fee  Duration  Description

 Swim coaching (*)
 - 1-4 swimmers


40-90 min

Individual or small group coached sessions designed to meet the needs of the swimmers.  Price is dependant on the number of swimmers and OW or pool costs.

 Swim video (*)
10 min

A swim video shot from four angles: classic (side view above the water), overhead, perfect (Side view under the water) and front (under the water).

If this video is used for a Swim Video Analysis or as part of Coaching Package you will receive a $10 discount. 

 Swim video analysis & stroke correction session (*)
- 1 swimmer


75 min

The session begins with your stroke being videoed.  The video of your stroke is reviewed and then it is back into the pool to undertake a stroke correction session focusing on key areas identified from the video.  Front crawl only.

Swim video analysis

1 person/video
- Review
- Full
- Remote

- 2 people
- extra person




30 min
60 min

60 min
+15 min

Already have high quality video footage of your front crawl?  This session reviews your technique and identifies areas for improvements and suggests the most appropriate drills.  Got a swim friend or group you swim with regularly?  Get your videos reviewed at the same time, you will learn a from each others' stroke analysis.

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If you are interested in this session please complete the Swim Video Analysis - Questionnaire

Bike test
(Mount Wellington)


1 hr

Using a CompuTrainer an extended warm-up will include a basic analysis of pedalling technique and efficiency using the SpinScan mode.  The main part of the session will be a test designed to provide an estimate of your Lactate Threshold Heart Rate (LTHR) and/or you Functional Threshold Power (FTP), from which your Heart Rate or Power training zones can be determined.  You will be provided with a brief report after the session.

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Bike Fit


Need help getting comfortable on a new bike?
Want help adding tri-bars to a road bike?
Want your current position checked?

A basic review of your position, adjustments made and recommendations provided to achieve a position that achieves the appropriate balance between comfort/safety, power application and aerodynamics.

Advice can be given on all bike related accessories and equipment.

I recommend that all athletes before starting a training plan which involves cycling, or after getting a new bike, have a professional bike fit where your position will be fully optimised.

Run video analysis & coaching session
- 1 person
- 2 persons


2 hrs

3 hrs

A session designed to review and develop your running technique.

After a functional assessment and a video review of your running gait we will develop specific drills, cues and exercises to address flaws and imbalances.  The goals being to ultimately improve speed, efficiency and reduce the risk of injury.

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If you wish to book this session please complete the Participant Questionnaire

Session for 2 persons is only suitable for people that run and train together regular.

 Run technique workshop
- 6-12 people
- price is per person



2 hrs
A group based session that will help runners of all abilities and styles to improve their running technique.   This session teaches you the cues, drills and techniques to take your running to the next level.  Better technique will help develop speed, efficiency and avoid common running injuries.

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Transition training
- 1-3 persons


90 min

A session dedicated to the skills and techniques required for transition.

Coach led session


60 min

The services of your coach can be utilised for individuals or groups to meet your needs.  These could be any coach led session working on any aspect of fitness, technique or an education session for which there is not already a specific session on offer e.g. educational presentations/workshops, guided swim, bike or run sessions, technique session e.g. bike handling skills, running downhill, basic bike maintenance, race equipment selection & review, how to make the most of your Garmin device, understanding TrainingPeaks,  etc.

(*) These sessions are governed by pool availability and there may be additional pool hire charges.

These prices are coach fees only.  If there are additional equipment or venue hire charges these will be agreed in advance.

The coach will travel a reasonable distance to undertake a session.  Any additional travelling expenses will be agreed in advance.