Coaching Calls

After trying various methods of coach-athlete communications I have found the most time effective for both the coach and the athlete to be a weekly coaching call.

Ideally this call will be completed via Skype (username: andy_t25) so we can speak face to face and I have the ability to share my computer screen, which is very useful for demonstrating functions and features in TrainingPeaks to help analyse a workout.

Alternatively the call can be completed via the telephone.

The purpose of the call is to:
  • Review the previous weeks training;
  • Preview the next weeks training;
  • Plan upcoming races; and
  • Answer any general questions.
This coaching call is not a substitute for completing your Post-Activity Comments after each session.

Please see below for available slots - pick one and let me know. If there are no free slots available give me a call to discuss.

If for any reason you are unable to make your call then please let me know as far in advance as you can as I may be able to rearrange the day and/or time or if that is not possible use the time I would spend on your call to drop you an email with anything I had planned for the call.  Please don't leave me sitting there waiting for your call.