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Coach Andy T

Coaching Overview

 2008-Jul  Started triathlon   
 2009  Committee member - Derby Triathlon Club  
 2010  Chairman - Derby Triathlon Club   I was involved in running all aspects of the Club but my main focus was to restructure the coaching and appoint a head coach.
 2010-Sep  Started triathlon coaching at Derby Triathlon Club   During my time at Derby Triathlon Club I delivered all aspects of triathlon coaching covering fitness and technique development.  Swim coaching was weekly (varied between 1-3 sessions per week) and then in blocks I would deliver bike, run and brick training. In addition I redeveloped the Summer Series - a weekly practice triathlon during the summer - to include coach led sessions with more specific objectives rather than just race flat out.
 2010-Oct  First Aid Course  
 2010-Nov  Passed Level 1 Award in Coaching  
 2011  Built Coaching Platform in Excel based on Joe Friel's - The Triathlete's Training Bible  Training plan and sessions were delivered via platform developed in Excel and was accompanied by a Word document each training block. Garmin Connect and Excel was used to analyse training data.
 2011-Jun  Passed Level 2 Award in Coaching  
 2011-Jun  First training plan written for an athlete  
 2011-Jul  Lead coach at Derby Triathlon Club  
 2011-Jul  Complete OW Coaching Course  
 2011-Oct  Started coaching my first athlete   Coached 3 athletes in 2012 - 2 ironman distance athletes and 1 half ironman athlete
 2012-Apr  Set up Open Water Venue - Barton Marina  Writing risk assessment and emergency action plan and running the sessions
 2012-May  OW Swim Coaching  
 2012-May  Conducted first Bike Test   Hired a CompuTrainer to conduct 30min tests in order to determine athlete's LTHR and FTP.
 2012-Oct  Purchased a CompuTrainer  I found coach-led bike tests the best way to enable a good estimate of LTHR for setting HR zones.
 2012-Aug  Swim Smooth's Three Day Coach Education Course  In order to provide bike tests to determine LTHR, FTP and utilise SpinScan for pedalling technique development.
 2012-Sep  Wrote and delivered swim programme for Derby Triathlon Club  Swim programme was based on Swim Smooth coaching system. The Club  invested in equipment including an underwater video camera.
 2012-Sep  Started Swim Video Analysis  The aim was to video all Club members and provide them with Swim Types.  Privately I provided in-depth swim video reviews.
 2013-Sep  Transferred all athletes to TrainingPeaks  Scalability of TrainingPeaks allowed me take on more athletes - peaked at 15 - current (Apr-2016) 10 athletes based in the UK.
 2014-Nov  Sunday night Swim Squad & 121 Coaching  With another coach set up CA Swim Coaching.  One of us would deliver the squad session whist the other would deliver private coaching - I delivered all the swim video analysis sessions.  I stopped this at the end of Oct 2015 in order to be able to support Chris in the time before I left for NZ.
 2015-Apr  First Aid
 2015-Apr  Kinetic Revolution Functional Running Assessment & Gait Re-Education Course  
 2015-Aug  Private Run Assessment & Gait Re-Education course   Additional work was required before I was in a position to deliver my own run technique course.  Utilise some of my athlete's a guinea pigs now have a two hour session which effectively demonstrates the pathway for an athlete to effectively improve their running gait.
 2015-Sep  Delivered coached-led session and presentation to Hatton Darts Running Club  Hatton Darts Presentation
 2015-Oct  WInd/Turbo Training sessions deliverd via TrainerRoad  After testing both Zwift and TrainerRoad opted for TrainerRoad to deliver indoor bike sessions.
 2016-May Coach at Fit For Fun delivering coaching to North Harbour Triathlon Club2 regular swim coaching sessions and additional bike, run and brick session when required.
 2016-May TriNZ Level 1 Accreditation  Achieved accreditation based on existing qualifications and experience
 2016-June Presentation and Run Technique Clinic For Auckland Joggers  Became an active running member of Auckland Joggers and subsequently providing coaching assistance to the Club and members..
 2016-June Started coaching first NZ based athlete  
 2016-Sep Partnership with Auckland Physiotherapy  Working with Helen Dudley at Auckland Physiotherapy we developed a symbiotic relationship - Helen helping me with my functional strength training and me with her run training.  This has led to us refering clients to each other for similar services.
 2016-Oct Set up a regular Pilates session for Auckland Joggers After interviewing several pilates instructors work with Bodywise Pilates to setup a weekly pilates class designed for runners

Certifications & Courses

 30th Nov 2010  Triathlon England Level 1 Award in Coaching Triathlon 
 5th January 2011  British Triathlon CRB
 28th June 2011  Triathlon England Level 2 Award in Coaching Triathlon

 17th July 2011  British Triathlon Open Water Coaching Workshop
 19th August 2012  Swim Smooth's Three Day Coach Education Course
 19th April 2015  Kinetic Revolution Functional Running Assessment & Gait Re-Education 
 22nd April 2015  First Aid Course

 Adrenaline Auto Injection Module
 Automated External Defibrillator
 Emergency First Aid at Work
 Emergency Life Support
 Triathlon First Aid


 17th September 2015  British Triathlon Safely Coaching Static Bike Sessions
 21st October 2015 Training Peaks Endurance Coach Summit 
 5th May 2016 TriNZ Level 1 Accreditation