Coaching Process

The first step is to have a no fee no obligations conversation.

In order for me to be able to fully understand your requirements and determine what level of support you will require I need to know a bit about you, what your goals are, what motivates you, your athletic history etc.  If we end up working together you will eventually complete this questionnaire therefore it is highly beneficial that you complete this questionnaire prior to an initial discussion.

Cost and Fees

During the initial conversation the appropriate coaching package and fees will be discussed and agreed.  These will comprise:
From experience I have found that athletes who are undertaking a coaching package for the first time are confronted with a wide range of additional costs.  Some of these costs are unavoidable.  Many of the potential costs are optional but understanding what they may be and the potential benefit to be derived is something I like to cover off in the initial meeting.  Completion of the above questionnaire will enable me to identify where these costs might be so that you have a better understanding of the budget you will require.  Examples of other costs are:
  • Testing fees
  • Coach led sessions
  • Coaching package bolt ons
  • Strength & conditioning classes / Gym membership
  • Online training platforms e.g. Trainer Road
  • Bike Fit - strongly recommended if not had one previously
  • Additional equipment required


So you have decided Coach Andy T is the man for the job, you know your A race and which package you want, it is time to get everything setup.  Areas to be addressed include:
  • Goals/objectives for season
  • Race schedule (A, B & C races)
  • Creation of a periodised training plan
  • Basic equipment review
  • Setting up TrainingPeaks
  • Identification of specific coaching requirements and how to address
  • Standard weekly training schedule

Setting Training Zones

Each workout needs to have two key pieces of information:

  • duration - time or distance
  • intensity - how hard you need to be working
To describe intensity training zones/paces need to be defined which is completed through testing.  This testing can either be a coach led session, completed by a third party or completed by yourself following a strict protocol.

This testing needs to take before or right at the beginning of your training plan start date.

Training Plan

TrainingPeaks is the platform used to plan, deliver, record and analyse your training - click here for more information

A general overview of the coaching process is given in the table below:

Who When  Description

Per training block Workouts are input to TrainingPeaks for the next block of training.  Schedule is based on agreed standard weekly format.
Athlete Daily Performs training, uploads training data and completes training diary.  Each athlete has full control over restructuring their weekly schedule (*)
Coach Weekly

Reviews previous weeks training
Athlete/Coach Weekly
At your allotted time you will contact your coach to discuss:
  • previous weeks training
  • upcoming weeks training
  • general Q&A
From this discussion adjustments to the training plan can be made if necessary.
Athlete/Coach Ad hoc

Additional email/skype/phone contact (*)
Athlete Prior to all A & B races Complete race plan (**)

Coach Prior to all A & B races

Review race plan (**)
Athlete Race day

Execute race plan
Athlete Post race  A race - written race review
B race - written race review or updates to training diary
Discussed at next coaching call or end of season review (*)
Athlete/Coach End of season

Post season review

(*) additional coach contact/support as prescribed by coaching package
(**) Coach support and detail of analysis pre/post race is determined by race classification and coaching package.

Training Plan Duration

There is a minimum term of 13 weeks / three months for any coaching package.  It takes time for me to to get to know you as an athlete and a person; for you to get comfortable with the coaching process and ultimately start to realise the fitness gains.

To achieve a good level of fitness for a multisport race a consistent period of at least 24 weeks of training is recommended - this can be shorter for single discipline coaching packages.

Getting used to the coaching process, planning and executing workouts, using your GPS device optimally, uploading and managing training data, using TrainingPeaks etc. for the first time can be quite a steep learning curve.  Suggestions to overcoming this are:
  • Choose the coaching package that provides you with the appropriate level of support not the cheapest option
  • Undertake a prep period of coaching where the focus is on getting you ready to train and used to the coaching process meaning that when the plan for your A race starts all you have to focus on is the training!

Coach Led Sessions / Coaching Package Bolt Ons

To achieve success in your A race not only do you need to develop your fitness but you also need to address:
  • Skills and techniques
  • Equipment & Kit
  • Nutrition
  • General training and education
You will receive some support for each of these areas within your Coaching Package but to develop fully you may look at having additional coach led sessions or including a coaching package bolt on.

Swim Coaching
Both pool and open water swim coaching.  If you are in the UK near Derby then contact http:\\

Bike Coaching
This can cover any aspect of cycling for example, bike handling, bike maintenance, bike fit, guided rides, coach-led turbo sessions (technique or fitness based), equipment review, assisting in purchasing decisions, race day setup, etc.

Run Coaching
This can cover any aspect of running: gait analysis, guided runs, paced runs, coach-led technique or fitness sessions etc.

Transition Training
Sessions designed to enhance your skills and Improve your speed through T1 and T2.

Equipment & Kit Review
Choosing and using the right equipment can add a lot of value to your training.  Some equipment will cost you a fortune and look pretty but may add very little benefit over something that is a quarter of the cost.  From GPS devices to goggles, power meters to gel belts, chamois cream to CO2 cannisters, turbo trainers to compression socks - complete a review of all the kit and equipment you will need for training and racing. 

Nutrition Review
Being a competitive athlete you tend to focus on race day nutrition but what you eat and drink every day will have a dramatic influence on your ability and success.  A nutrition review will look at both your eating habits and what you eat to identify strategies improve your nutrition in order to support your training - click here for more information.

General Training & Eductaion
Presentations/seminars/tutorials on any aspect of training e.g. how to get the most out of TrainingPeaks, understanding the body's energy systems, understanding periodisation etc.